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Name: Jo
Age: 35

Location: Northern Territory, Australia

Personal Style: Open, honest, introspective, quiet, non-confrontational, reflective
Personality: "Expressive, Enthusiastic INFP", Enneagram 9w8 sx/so/sp (Thanks Rose!)

My Journal:
Up & down with my mood, tendency to ramble, predominantly "Friends Only" entries.
If you want to add me go right ahead. But I will check you out for a bit before I friend you back. I only have a small list and I kinda like it that way (most of the time).

Other stuff:

Friends are as important to me as family. People that I call "friend" are close to my heart and usually stay there for a very long time - even if time and distance separate us (as they inevitably do at one time or another.) Once my faith (or trust) in someone I called "friend" is broken it isn't easily restored.

My self esteem was shot to hell after four years in an emotionally abusive relationship. A few years after that relationship ended I found myself relentlessly bullied in my workplace. I ended up with depression and anxiety issues. The scars from both of these experiences are healing. I'm thankful for the experiences of living through those times as I think they will become significant in my life. I'm just not quite sure how.

I'm a shocking housekeeper and have major issues keeping my house clean even though I really hate it when it gets dirty. I tried the FlyLady thing, and failed miserably. I have finally, after many years, decided to hire a cleaner. I can afford it so why the hell not?

I work in Education. I used to hate it, but I've changed fields a few times and I think I may have found my niche in my current position. Time will tell.

I have an awesome little Italian Greyhound who is my world - he saved my life not so long ago.

Weatherpixie isn't showing quite the right time. She's half an hour behind. Well she was last time I checked.

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